Since I will be handleing something so dear to you, let me tell you a little about me.


Growing up, my neighbor’s mom was a midwife.  I was in awe of her and spent all my extra time at their house. My first experience with birth was on her daughters 8th birthday when the family, me included, all sat down to watch the home video of her birth, a tradition they carried out with such normalcy.  I couldn’t take my eyes away from the video and at that moment a seed was planted.


Years later, in my time as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, I discovered the Gender and Women’s Studies department. It was in my studies where I connected the work my neighbor was doing as a sort of "feminism in the flesh." I set my intentions on becoming a midwife. And, on that path I remain.


In the meantime, I am a birth doula and a placenta encapsulation specialist. It makes me so incredibly delighted to be able to offer a services that can heal and help a family smoothly transition into paretnhood!