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After the birth Brigette hand incapsulated my placenta and made a tincture. This had been recommended to me by my acupuncturist to help balance out my hormones after birth. I don't know if it was the placebo effect or if it actually dose work but I not only had no postpartum but I felt back to normal emotional state almost immediately after starting my pills. I was so impressed with Brigette full service experience that I now recommend her to everyone I know is having a baby.. She is truly an amazing women and if you are looking for the full package look no further! Call Brigette!!!

- Justine, Sausalito

Amazing doesn't even cover what this awesome lady does. I called her the day before I was scheduled to deliver to see if she would be available on such short notice to do my encapsulation. and she was and I am beyond appreciative. she was so professional and, accommodating. she delivered my items back to me in 48 hours, I chose to go with the encapsulation, the smoothies, the salve and the tincture. I have to say my experience with her and the product she delivered to me was life changing and I can now never have a baby without getting this done. I  definitely recommend her services it is beyond worth it!!!

I had made them before when my first son was born, but this time we had Brigette do it for us. It was so nice! No complication! From the Hospital to your house!! Glad we did it!!

- Yuko, San Francisco

-Britney, Concord

I did this with my third child knowing that I had suffered a bit from postnatal depression with the first two and it worked great.  She delivered them quickly and they were very clean.  I think it helped tremendously as I never experienced a single day of depression after number three and also bounced back to my previous weight and health very quickly.  I also bought a tincture for menopause which I have not needed yet but happy to have it ready to go when the time comes.  Thanks Brigette, you do great work!

- Heather, Marin

I originally met with Brigette to discuss her services as a night nurse and we began to talk about her placenta services. She is very sweet (and if I wasn't blessed with a baby who usually sleeps I'd have hired her for night services by now- she is awesome) and was upfront about a trip she was planning and willing to postpone - I told her it wasn't necessary and she found a backup just in case I gave birth early. I did in deed have my baby a week early and Brigette worked with my mom to come to the hospital and pick up my placenta very late at night so she could process it before she left for a few days, which was so sweet. She dropped everything off immediately and answered all my questions. I highly recommend Brigette.

Brigette and her placenta encapsulation was one of the best parts of my postpartum experience. I was concerned about depression, and thought it wouldn't hurt to try. Brigette was prompt, professional, and so kind, bringing my capsules to the hospital so I could have them as soon as possible for my recovery. 
She was also an amazing birth doula. 
I can't recommend her more highly. She is a gem!

- Marissa, San Francisco

- Kasi, Kentfeild

- Kitty, San Rafael

No one can really prepare you for the post partum experience. I truly believe that having my placenta encapsulated saved me much turmoil. Brigitte came to the hospital day of the birth. The placenta encapsulations were in my hands by the time I realized what an emotional wreck i was. Brigette was prompt, professional, and so kind. I would highly recommend using Brigette for her services. Money well spent.

-Jennifer, Petaluma

Working with Brigette was amazing. She was able to take care of everything flawlessly and gave me the peace of mind of not having to worry about anything. She was able to direct me in making my package selection with what she felt was right for me based on my intentions. We chose to do the placenta encapsulation TCM and 3 raw smoothies to incorporate both methods, in addition with the tincture. The print and dried cord was the perfect package. She picked up the placenta and dropped off all the goodies within 48 hours as promised and had detailed directions for everything. I couldn't be more pleased and satisfied with her services. The smoothies were delicious too! :)

-Abigail, Oakland

Brigette is AMAZING and makes the entire post-partum experience so easy, which any new mom knows is a true gift. She was at the hospital within an hour of our delivery to pick up our placenta and she dropped the capsules off at our door within 24 hours. She's incredible. What I really loved and appreciated about Brigette is that she took the time to talk me through the difference between TCM and Raw methods and help me figure out which was the right version for me before I gave birth. She's incredibly knowledgable about her craft, gentle, kind and wonderfully supportive. I can't recommend Brigette enough. Thank you, Brigette!!

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