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Three Things to do in Marin County- From a Local : )

I am so lucky to be from Marin County and to live here now. It is that time of the year in the Bay Area when Spring teases us with it’s clear blue skies, sunlit days, and cherry blossomed trees. I find myself scheming about spring garden planting, dress wearing, and not-so-far-away summer adventures…

Today, in my Spring daze, I feel very inspired to write about where I come from. Marin County!

If you find yourself just north of San Francisco, here is a short list- a travel guide of sorts- of my favorite places, experiences, and things to do in “The County” (as we sometimes call it). Enjoy!

1. West Marin- Find your self a car and drive out west! You won’t regret it. Just take Sir Francis Drake Blvd as far as it goes through Fairfax and towards the coast. You will pass through Samuel P. Taylor Park where you can spot hidden cabins and abandoned houses as you wind your way through the forest. You will pop out of the trees to see the most gorgeous fields of grazing cows you can imagine. Then, you will hit a stop sign and can go right or left. You are in Olema : ) Take a left for a quick detour at The Shop where you will find handmade and handpicked goods. The space is beautifully curated from a collective of four local artists. The Shop is such a visual and inspiring treat- you will not be disappointed! After you have picked out your goody, follow the road the other direction towards Point Reyes Station. Downtown is a few blocks long and adorable. Pick up a pastry with the locals at Bovine Bakery and then swing around the corner to Cowgirl Creamery to see some cheese-making! Snacking is highly encouraged.

2. Central San Rafael- Most Marin-folk won’t forget to tell you about Sol Food- we are sort of proud of it. Any friends who visit me request a meal at this delicious Puerto Rican restaurant. The line is usually pretty long, but the wait is worth it! For first timers, I suggest getting their chicken plate- with one sweet and one garlic plantain, so you can get the best of both worlds! Don’t forget to dump their hot sauce all over everything. They are famous for it. I don’t usually enjoy spicy foods, but I love this stuff! Also, If you are gluten free, you can get any one of the their sandwiches on savory plantains instead of bread! After you are done with your meal, take a stroll down 4th street. Maybe check out Knimble, if you are in the mood for thrifting, or pop in Taylor Maid Coffee (located inside of Copperfield books) for a coffee- ask for their lavender syrup! Its amazing in iced beverages.

3. Sausalito- The city of Sausalito is located just over the Golden Gate Bridge and is such a thriving community! I suggest parking and continuing on foot. Be careful, though! If you go too far towards San Francisco, you’ll hit the very touristy part of Sausalito, not my fav. The views are beautiful, but the crowds are something else! Instead, wind up and down the docks of boats and houseboats galore. Sausalito is home to a very large boat community- folks live out on the bay and take a dinghy or rowboat into town everyday! Make a friend and ask them about their daily commute, I find folks in Sausalito to be very friendly : ) Find Philz Coffee to order your hand-crafted drip coffee for the rest of your stroll. It will be delicious- especially if you order it “Philz Way.” Ask for Charlie and say you know me and he may give your beverage to you on the house : ) Then meander down Caledonia street and peak into all the local businesses. Stop for a bite to eat at Driver’s Market, a family run and owned Natural/Specialty Food Market. Order anything from the Deli and it will be delicious. I suggest the Nepalito- their famous Nepalese fusion wrap.


Marin County, Sonoma, San Francisco, East Bay, and South Bay

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