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3 Ways to Utilize Your Placenta After Birth That You May Not Have Thought of!

Placenta encapsulation is all the rage these days and is now known as a “must” for postpartum healing. The anecdotal evidence is out there (and much of the scientific evidence is in the currently in the works)! New mothers report many benefits from consuming their placenta such as increased milk production, faster healing time, decreased fatigue, decreased chance of postpartum depression, pain relief…the list goes on!

Most people have their placenta made into capsules for easy consumption after birth. However, there are many ways to use the placenta! Here are 3 ideas to utilize the placenta in creative and helpful ways that you may not have heard or thought of!

1. Have it made into a tincture to aid in PMS symptoms. Add a few drops to water or juice to releive menstrual cramps or when you feel low energy.

2. Add placenta broth to cooked meals for increased vitamins and nutrients. Simply store the broth in ice trays and pop a few ice cubes in when you make soup, smoothies, rice, noodles, or chili.

3. Make a salve from your leftover capsules and apply to your baby’s bum when they have diaper rash.

I hope you enjoy and use these tips. Remember, you (usually) only get one placenta! So make sure you get the most healing possible from it!


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