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Gifts that keep on giving... literally

A holiday gift-giving guide for your doula, expecting, or birth-junky friend.

My mom is a special education teacher. She has an affinity with children and loves her the work she does, although I know it can wear on her. Many-a-time, when I talk to her about a birth I just attended, she “jokingly” says, “Oh, can’t you just bring me with you next time?! I love babies.”

My mom has one of those birthdays that are unfortunately close to Christmas. As her daughter, and as a person who also has a birthday unfortunately close to Christmas, I am very conscious of being that gift-giver who inscribe in their cards, “Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!” But since I am currently living in France (and shipping is very expensive), I kind of had to do it this time.

For her combined birthday/Christmas gift this year, I bought her a Postpartum Doula training from Cornerstone Doula Trainings. Selfishly, yes, I have dreams about one day being that bad-ass mom and daughter doula-midwife team (not to mention always having a pretty rock solid back-up doula until then!). But, it ended up being the perfect gift. It is something she can do to support herself between school years and other academic calendar holidays. It is a career she can always transition to if she needs a change of pace. And she already has built in community and mentors from her training.

So, in the name of the holiday season (and because this idea turned out really well for me and my mama), here are some gift ideas for your birth-loving loved ones:

1. The cost of a new training!

Give your birth worker buddy a new skill! Spinning babies, perhaps? Robozo techniques? Or, what about a placenta encapsulation training?! I did my training with Shawna Mclaggan. She’s rad and super knowledgeable and now offers trainings here.

2. Placenta encapsulation gift card for your expecting friend or partner

A good friend of mine had a baby a month ago and I gave a cute-hand made gift certificate for placenta encapsulation. Many doulas and encpsulators offer gift cards for their services, you may just need to reach out and ask! I do, just check out the list of my services and chose which you would like to give as a gift.

3.Money towards the cost of a birth doula (also a really great baby-shower present)

Get a group of friends to pool together money for the cost of a birth doula! This gift is extremely thoughtful and useful and is easily organized by making a secrete facebook group amongst folks who are interested.

Happy Holidays and happy gift giving from North Bay Placenta Services!


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