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Encapsulation is the most common way to prepare placenta. It is easy  to take and simple to store. Capsules can be prepared quickly after birth to start the nourishing process. North Bay Placentas offers two methods of encapsulation to choose from


*Steamed: This method is based on Chinese Medicine and is often called the TCM method. In Chinese Medicine, it is thought that birth leaves the birthing person with a lot of cold and empty space. Therefore, healing is promoted by "warming" the birthing person. The trademark of this method is the steaming step. Before the placenta is dehydrated, it is steamed for about 20 minutes with warming herbs.

*Un-steamed: This method, often referred to as the Raw method, follows the same principals of a raw food diet where it is argued that you get more nutrients from the food when you don't heat it. In this method, the placenta skips the steaming step and is only dehydrated.

At the moment, there is no evidence that says one method is more beneficial than the other. It is completely preference!






Placenta is great for your skin! In fact, sheep placenta is a main ingredient in many expensive skin therapies, salves, and creams. Many will notice their skin imporve or glow while they are taking their capsules and be upset when their capsules are finished! Salves are a great way to extend those benefits beyond the life of your capsules. A salve can help promote the healing of cesarean scars, perineal tears, and even diaper rash!


A placenta tincture is made by steeping your placenta in alcohol for 6 weeks. Tinctures are best used for emotional, mental, and psychological support. If kept properly in a cool, dark place, tinctures will keep for a lifetime and can alleviate symptoms of PMS and menopause years down the road. Your placenta tincture can also be used for your child during times of trasnitions or when they are getting sick!


Smoothie Powder

Placenta powder is a great additive to your morning smoothie. It is a cheaper alternative to capsules. The placenta is prepared according to your preference of steamed or un-steamed then it is dehydrated and ground into a powder.


Making a smoothie with a small bit of your raw placenta is an amazing way to get those nutrients directly. Smoothies are most effective with immediate consumption within the first few days after birth.  In this service, you can request chunks of raw placenta that will be frozen and returned to you ready to put into a smoothie of your choice.

Prints and Umbilical Cords

A placenta print is a great way to preserve your babys 9 month life force before it's transformed into a nourishing medicine for you! I can also dehydrate umbilical cords as keepsakes. These are great tools to educate your child later on about what feeds a baby inside the tummy!

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